It's Not a Quilt Until It's Quilted

"It's not a quilt until it's quilted," that's what my long time quilter friend, Faye, would tell me.  She would say "a quilt top does not make a quilt" and when she said quilted, she meant hand quilted.

When we lived in the mountains of Northern California I belonged to a wonderful group of long time quilters called "Wednesday Thimple and Therapy." When we moved there I did not know how to hand quilt and was eager to learn.  At the weekly meetings I would try to sit by one of the expert   quilters and watch while they worked on their latest project, they taught me so much just by watching the easy rhythm of their hands as they worked their magic with needle and thread.

Getting back to my little quilt top, I just had to take a picture of my Villa Rosa  Brides Dream quilt, made with a collection of Boho Fusion fabrics.  Now to finish and make it a real quilt.

Until next time---

Lets Play I Spy

Yesterday afternoon I spent my time making I Spy kits for easy Project Linus quilts.  This is my ongoing attempt to use some (a lot) of my fabric stash. My quilt bee meets twice a month and last meeting several of us brought our sewing machines.  A good use of our time and surprising how much you can get done when in company of your best friends.

A number of years ago I made some I Spy quilts for Project Linus and had quite an assortment of leftover 5"squares cut of fabrics that I had purchased just for that purpose.  What fun I had picking out fabrics with dogs, robots, elephants, and airplanes, etc.  There are so many novelty fabrics available and I purchased many of them at WalMart. This was not the time to splurge on quilt shop fabric. The way that I have been laying my squares out it takes 63 different prints, I bought fat quarters, 1/3 yard pieces, remnants, and joined in on a couple online exchanges.  One thought, if you are going to participate in an exchange, be sure to splurge and buy quilt shop fabrics for your contribution, nothing worse than receiving a bunch of junk 5" squares back from the exchange.

It was time to put all this to use and I kitted enough for four I Spy quilts.  I'm sure I have enough squares for another six or eight more quilts, may have to do a little more shopping to make up the sixty three prints.  I can easily sew one I Spy quilt at Bee and I have four kits ready to go along with two shirt apron kits.  WooHoo!

Enjoy all the pieces of your life

Betty Lou

Venturing Into Modern

As I have stated before, I love Villa Rosa Designs patterns and recently began following their weekly blog. Every week in their Friday newsletter they offer a kit using one of their patterns, last week I took the plung into modern fabrics and ordered their weekly special.  The Brides Dream quilt pattern with ten fat sixth along with binding fabric.

The fabrics came quickly and I am anxious to get started, this is a small child's quilt and can be used as a Project Linus project or I may just keep it in my bedroom for color and enjoy being modern.

I must say, being such a traditionalist, that I probably would never have picked these fabrics, let alone have the confidence to put the grouping together of Boho Fusion fabrics.  Aren't they pretty?

Wish me luck that I can jump out of my comfort zone and go modern.

Enjoy all the pieces of you life


Simple, Easy, Fast

Simple. Easy, Fast, call it whatever you want but that is about all I can handle right now.  It has been six months since I joined "The Club" and it's time to get moving.  Sitting at the machine and sewing still feels awkward and new, so the only sewing has been beginner baby quilts for Project Linus.  I hope to get back to my reproduction doll quilts and more intricate work but for now this is where I am.

My sewing machine has moved from my sewing room (temporarily my son's bedroom) to the kitchen dining area, which had wonderful light but I couldn't handle all the stuff  being out all the time, to a corner of my bedroom.  Over the many years of sewing I think I have sewn in every room of the house, except the bathroom (now that would be strange) and have realized if you want to sew you could always find a place.  The bedroom will work out fine as soon as I get a little more light in there.

The first quilt top is a simple pattern I ordered from Etsy called Vice Versa  you can find the pattern Here.  Did I need a pattern for a simple quilt, probably not, but I ordered it anyway.  A very easy quilt and will use it again and again for Project Linus baby quilts.

The second is an I Spy Quilt, easy sewing and it's fun to see the different blocks come together.  No patttern, just 5" squares with a simple red border.

When your life is full of scraps, make a quilt,


Bud's Apron

I made this cute apron yesterday using a pattern found on Pinterest and one of Bud's Hawaiian shirts.  It was so much fun to make and simple, simple, simple.  I plan on making them for my daughter, daughter-in-law, and granddaughters.  Love the way it turned out.  You can find the directions here.

Enjoy the pieces of your life,

Quilt Shop Exploration

A couple weeks ago I ventured out and found myself in a couple of quilt shops for the first time in a long, long time.

My first stop was Suddenly Sewing, a small local shop, close to home, always good place if you ran out of thread or needed just one more fabric in a certain color for your current project.

Suddenly Sewing was having a pre-inventory sale and I was able to take advantage of the 20% discount on precuts.  When in doubt and I get that feeling that I just have to buy fabric, I usually turn to precuts. Rather than buy some of their old inventory which I am sure they hope customers would scoop up but I found some current fabric on sale.  I scored a Little Ruby jelly roll by Bonnie and Camille and a Hop, Skip and Jump charm pack by American Jane  One charm pack is not much to work with but I can always make a small baby quilt with the addition of a neutral.

My next stop was a new shop, Must Love Fabric, and let me tell you they do.  You can feel their enthusiasm the minute you walk through the door.  Everywhere you see a colorful array of bright prints and quilts. Won't find any muted reproduction fabrics here as they have defined their style with gusto.  A great place to pick up all those happy children's fabrics, novelty and modern fabrics.  I walked out with a fat quarter stack of Caravan by Kate Spain.

About time I get to that sewing machine and quit buying fabric, hope to do that this week.

Enjoy all the pieces of your life,