Tuesday, July 25

Nothing Like Fresh Flowers on the Table

I have been following  On Sutton Place for some time on Facebook but just recently realized there was so much more that Ann had to offer on her blog.  A wonderful blog about an empty nester in Ohio and how she took on the full time project of redecorating her house along with wonderful tips and how-to projects and of course a glimpse into her family recipe book.

Last week Ann posted about arranging hydrangeas in a couple of different styles, one in a blue glass Ball canning jar.  With a date to host my quilt bee this coming Thursday and the tired arrangement on my kitchen table needed to be tossed, I decided to give this a try.  Mind you, flower arranging has always been a foreign art to me.

The hydrangeas at Kroger looked a little spindly but I took the plunge and bought six stems, brought them home and put them in water, then we had to go pick up my car at the Buick garage.  When I arrived back home my poor flowers were so wilted I didn't think they would ever survive and mumbled "that's $7.50 wasted."  Quickly I went and reread the post and I had missed something, Ann had a secret on how to keep hydrangeas fresh.  Success!

So here is my attempt right down to the blue canning jar.

You can find On Sutton Place here,

Until next time